Direct Selling Training

In Direct Selling and Network Marketing, training is an important element to enhance the business itself and the seller’s skills. It is a support in personal & collective growth, it feeds the exchange of knowledge and the interpersonal and experiential relationship, activates and develops effective processes for the individual seller and his/ her team. It also provides an experience to bring out the potential and to transform difficulties into opportunities and obstacles into experience.

Direct Selling Training offers customized solutions and methodologies proven, through years of experience, in the world of Direct Sale to the private consumer and Network Marketing: DST provides a path with specific activities to support Companies and the Sales Network. In addition, it provides practices aimed at achieving milestones in the start-up phase and for those who wish to acquire useful tools and knowledge for their own growth and development.

There are three main DSCC Group proposals for training:

  • Commercial & Sales (Techniques, Methodology, Incentive, Motivation)
  • Organization & Human Resources (Network Structure, Team Management, Customer Relationship)
  • Technical (Regulations, Contracts, Software)

The combined experience in training and recruitment has allowed DSCC Group to develop a specific competence in NEW HIRE ORIENTATION with three in-depth disciplines dedicated to Work, Profession and Development. The goal is to create knowledge so that companies and future employees can approach this sector with greater confidence: with a range of information, tools, data and answers before undertaking, modifying or suspending a business, professional or development path, in the world of sales Direct and Network Marketing.