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The success obtained by those who work in the world of Direct Sales and Network Marketing are the direct result of the synergy between a good Product and a motivated and professionalized Consultant. This Consultant is able to manage Five Areas of competence by putting in place appropriate actions whenever the need arises. Let’s review them together.

The Five Areas of competence of the motivated and professional consultant

Develop the Market:  Organize your visits plan and related agenda, manage direct marketing activities in the territory, create your own website / social web profile and use appropriate tools to reach as many prospects as possible to develop sales and recruitment activities

Manage Energy: Help and support its collaborators in achieving an adequate level of concentration

Manage Economic Resources: t carries out economic simulations and financial projections for its activities and for those of the main collaborators

Manage the Sales Network: Schedules weekly training meetings (territorial / webinars) involving and empowering local collaborators

Manage the Commerce: It is able to promote the business, motivate its network and guide it in a path of growth, while also supporting it through the creation of commercial initiatives

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